Signed up for my first running event

I began running regularly twice a week last December, and so far, this is my longest running streak. I ran in high school and university, as probably many did. However, it was not that regular, occurring only once a week at most. As an adult, I made several attempts to build a routine, but they would fail pretty quickly.

Being a bit of a competitive person, I thought that participating in some sort of running event might help me stay motivated and stick to the routine. So, this weekend, I signed up for my first event and am already looking forward to when the registration for another one opens.

The event will take place in Amstelveen, Netherlands, the city I live in, on March 17. They will hold several runs simultaneously at different distances, from 1K to the Marathon. I decided to try the 10K.

I have already reached a point where I can manage to run 5K without falling apart. I hope 40 days will be enough for me to get into shape for 10K. My running time is far from great, but for now, my goal is rather simple: participate, make it to the finish, and have fun.

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