10K at KPMG Lentemarathon in Amstelveen

This Sunday afternoon, I run my first 10K in an big running event.

My wife and I started running regularly last December. We'd hit the pavement a couple of times a week, usually doing three to five kilometers each time. Well, just a week before this event, I decided to push myself a bit and try running a full 10K.

Anyway, it was only my second 10K ever, and honestly, I didn't have high expectations. But I was pleasantly surprised by how it went.

I finished the race in under an hour, with a pace of 6:05 minutes per kilometers. And the best part? I felt quite good afterwards. A bit dizzy at the finish line, as I decided to push a bit further at lest kilometer. But totally fine a few minutes after.

I suppose it's all mostly because of the adrenaline rush, though. Usually, during my training runs, I have to go slower, with a pace above 7:00 minutes per kilometer, to keep my heart rate down, but not this time.

My wife also ran in the event, doing the 5K, and she also did better than she thought she would.

As for the event itself, I had a blast. Even though I'm not a fan of big crowds, waiting with over a thousand other people for that starting pistol to fire was really exciting. Plus, running alongside others was so much more fun than my usual solo runs.

Oh, and the organization was top-notch. We got a bunch of emails the week before with all the event details, and there were volunteers all along the route handing out water and snacks. There were also a group of medics ready, just in case anyone get injured.

Taking part in this run has seriously fired up my motivation to keep at it and maybe even tackle some more races down the line.

Note to future self: book a locker in advance while they are still available or buy a running belt pack, otherwise you'll have to carry your water and phone in hands.

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