Links from last week (#2)

Here are a few links to things I found interesting last week.

Why Do Long Options Start with Two Dashes? #unix

Ever wondered why parameter names for many command line programs starts with '--'?

Unikraft: fast, specialized unikernels the easy way #unikraft

I continue playing with Unikraft and exploring the fascinating world of unikikernels. Here is a paper from Unikraft team about its Unikraft architecture, design decisions, performance with comparison to other OSs.

ZNC - IRC Bouncer #irc

I'm giving IRC another try. One thing that annoyed me is that every time I close laptop lid or internet connection drops I miss part of the conversation. Turned out there is a solution for that.

I deployed ZNC on my lab server, the process is quite straightforward, and now connect through it with Textual.

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