My Favorite Personal Websites and Blogs

Here is the list of people with cool blogs that I enjoy reading. Although, all of them have RSS feeds, I highly recommend visiting their websites. They are all unique and awesome in their own way.

Can't pick? Open a random one!

Alvaro Ramirez

Software Emacs and other stuff

Chris McLeod

Software developer writing about blogging, indieweb, and programming

Cory Dransfeldt

Software developer from Camarillo, California that enjoys hanging out with his beautiful family and 4 rescue dogs, technology, automation, music, writing, reading, tv and movies

Herman Martinus

Herman is the creator of blogging platform and many other cool projects. He writes about his journey as a solo-creator, blogging, and writing.


Another fellow Emacs hacker, that also writes about internet, blogging, and movies.

Jack Baty

Writes about photography, writing, software, and web technologies

Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Software developer and co-creator of Django framework writing about people management, productivity, enineering

Jamie Thingelstad

Technologist, leader, and family man with expertise in software, architecture, business, who actively contributes to the tech community

Julia Evans

Tech, hacking, programming

Kev Quirk

Blogging, indieweb, watches, and bikes

Lucy Bellwood

Professional adventure cartoonist

Manuel Moreale

Freelance developer and designer writing about blogging, indieweb, and more. A person behind People and Blogs newsletter

Marc Brooker

Tech, engineering, and distributed computing

Niki Tonsky

Blogs his critical thoughts on programming and UI design

Paweł Grzybek

Tech, programming, books, and more

Rach Smith

Frontend developer writing about programming, productivity, mothering, and more

Robb Knight

Tech, web, blogging, and much more

Robin Rendle

Designer and writer, in his blog he experiments with storytelling and browsers, rants about typography, and works in public

Sacha Chua

Active member of Emacs community. She regularly publishes news from the community and shares her Emacs hacks and tricks.

Sara Joy

Web developer passionate about accessibility.

Sophia June Turner

Software engineer with an expertise in programming languages

Tommy Palmer

Creative web developer ...

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