What I'm doing now

Depending on the day and time, I am probably doing one of the following things at the moment:

  • It's an early morning: I'm jogging, studying or working on a pet project.
  • It's a weekday: I'm coding, having a meeting, or planning.
  • It's a weekday evening: I'm reading a book, blogging, or working on a pet project.
  • It's a weekend: I'm outside in one of the nearby parks with my family.
  • It's a Sunday morning: I'm taking my daughter to the little gym.
  • It's a Sunday evening: I'm having a weekly video conference with my parents and sister.
  • It's a Friday or weekend late evening: I'm watching a movie or TV series with my wife.


I usually read several books at a time, all on different topics. Right now, I'm reading:


My music preferences have shifted lately from Electronic and Ambient to Alternative Rock.


I don't have much time to listen to podcasts these days, and there are only a few left that I listen to more or less regularly, mostly while running:


Every weekend we watch a movie or two. Check out my letterboxd.com profile.

When we don't have movies to watch, we watch Tales from the Loop or The Acolyte.